Our Approach Has The Potential To Revolutionize Current Treatment Regimens

Tieös is creating novel classes of small molecule drugs to starve cancer cells of their energy and prevent cancer from proliferating. Using cutting edge computational biology and artificial intelligence algorithms, Tieös has developed compounds which will target multiple metabolic pathways simultaneously, while utilizing intelligent design elements to minimize drug resistance and collateral damage to healthy and vital cells.

The development of our pipeline of cancer therapies is focused on:

  • Extensive review of metabolic interactions specific to cancer cells
  • Novel use of proteomics, metabolomics and 3D in silico modelling
  • Proprietary analysis of cancer specific molecular/protein binding patterns
  • Targeted compound structural design; focused on minimizing toxicity
  • Utilization of expertise in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, in a clinical context


Tieös’ vision is to tangibly improve PATIENT quality of life and TREATMENT outcomes